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Choose from Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue or Mom-to-Be 

60 minute (12 mONTH sub.) $59 per mo.

90 minute (12 MONTH sub.) $89 per mo.


A bespoke experience created to boost your wellbeing, every treatment is individually designed to enhance physical and emotion wellness.  Incorporating a variety of techniques, your treatment can be nurturing and soothing, ease physical tension, or address specific muscle aches and strains.  Pressure is customized to provide the results you want.

Skin nourishing oils and textures, warm stones and hot towel compresses, aromatherapy and expertly applied massage techniques all unite in a space designed to relax the body and quiet the mind.

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XEOMIN $10 per unit, BOTOX $11 per unit


By Dr. Mattu: A common question that I’m asked is how much botulinum toxin should I get? Here is a really good diagram to self assess! I always tell patients to look in the mirror and do all of your muscular movements, smile, squint, frown, raise your eyebrows, and wrinkle your nose. A lot of us (myself included) have lines forming that can be reduced or even avoided if we start early. Now the dosing does matter! It all depends on how much muscle, how deep your lines are, and how much movement your getting from each expression. Make sure to get assessed by a health professional who has been trained in these procedures before going through with this treatment and bring all your questions and concerns to the table. Looking forward to meeting my patients at Brow & Skin Co! And please feel free to ask questions here!

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